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Informative Weight Loss Surgery Seminar with Dr. Feiz

If you’ve been struggling with your weight for a very long, you’ve probably been considering the possibility of a bariatric procedure. Dr. Michael Feiz, MD, FACS understands that information is power when it comes to this subject, so he offers free seminars for those wanting to learn more about weight loss surgery. He’s a board certified bariatric surgeon who is renowned for his life-changing procedures, like the sleeve gastrectomy and lap band, in Los Angeles.

At a free seminar, the primary focus is to give an abundance of information, whether it is about the gastric sleeve, lap band, or any other procedure. What the surgeries entail will be discussed in exact detail. Before and after photos and patient testimonials will be shared, so that potential patients have a first person point of view on the subject. Qualifications, handling insurance companies, and nutritional guidelines will be explored and covered on all bases. Finally, any lingering questions will be answered, professionally and compassionately by Dr. Feiz and his associates.

People leave the seminars feeling informed and empowered. They will have a better understanding of their own qualifications for a bariatric procedure and will understand the differences between procedures. It’s a good way to see how Dr. Feiz and his team interact, knowing you can place your trust in their hands. Most importantly, many leave these seminars excited and ready for their lap band, gastric bypass, or sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

Call Dr. Feiz at 310-817-6911 for his schedule of seminars. His office also provides complimentary consultations for those who prefer a one on one approach.

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