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Interested in Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Los Angeles? Turn to Dr. Feiz

Patients interested in the lap band in Los Angeles who do their homework regarding bariatric surgery options often find out they would prefer gastric sleeve surgery, instead. Part in parcel of doing that research entails looking for the best, most qualified and board-certified bariatric surgeon. As the premier bariatric surgeon in Southern California, providing gastric sleeve surgery from San Diego to Simi Valley, Dr. Michael Feiz is an innovator in his field. Dr. Feiz helps patients choose between lap band vs gastric sleeve surgery by explaining the pros and cons of each, and which would best suit his patient.

The difference between the lap band procedure and sleeve gastrectomy (the other name for gastric sleeve surgery), is that one is a permanent, irreversible procedure, whereas the other can be removed if there are complications. A significant number of patients have had their lap band devices removed for revision surgery, often called band-to-sleeve surgery. That might be from not being able to lose sufficient weight, as lap band patients often do not lose as much of their excess weight as gastric sleeve patients. No matter which procedure you choose, you can be sure you are in good hands with the skillful Dr. Feiz helping you on your weight loss journey and ensuring the highest odds of success.

Dr. Feiz has helped innumerable patients who have felt like all hope was lost on their journey to weight loss. In fact, you can see this for yourself when looking at Dr. Feiz’ patient testimonials and the before and after photo galleries of patients who have experienced a high degree of success. Why settle for less? Call the offices of Dr. Feiz & Associates today to learn more about how you can achieve success, as well.

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