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Is The Surgical Weight Loss Route Right For You?

For those who are severely obese, repeatedly trying to lose weight through diets and exercise often leads to only short-term success. However, weight loss surgery can be right for you if you’re severely obese and have the commitment it takes to get the number on the scale down, for good. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. invites anyone who is seriously interested weight loss surgery makes to look into coming to one of his free weight loss seminars. These seminars can help prospective patients learn the differences between procedures such as lap band vs. gastric sleeve vs. gastric bypass or other procedures, including nonsurgical weight loss.

Dr. Feiz is a renowned weight loss expert, and has become a true master at minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures, including lap band and gastric sleeve surgery. As one of the nation’s most respected bariatric surgeons, Dr. Feiz has helped countless patients achieve long-term weight loss that nonsurgical efforts fail to deliver over the long term. Dr. Feiz is also highly adept at secondary weight loss procedures such as lap band to gastric sleeve revision surgery.

While many patients are attracted to the idea of having lap band surgery, largely because it is both adjustable and reversible, Dr. Feiz also convinces many patients that gastric sleeve can be the right choice for them. This highly reliable procedure is very safe with Dr. Feiz, who is known for skill and delicacy in band to sleeve revision operations. If you are severely obese and looking to learn whether the surgical route to weight loss is right for you, then contacting Dr. Feiz should be your next step.

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