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Is There a Secret to Weight Loss?

We’re not sure, but the body does seem to have a secret of sorts to weight gain. The good news is that famed bariatric surgeon Dr. Michael Feiz understands how seriously obese patients can actually reverse the situation.

To be specific, the hunger hormone ghrelin seems to be responsible for those nearly impossible to fight cravings that drive us to eat fattening foods even when we know we have consumed plenty of calories. Overweight and obese people seem to produce more of this hormone and, worse, production of it tends to increase after we have managed to lose weight.

Dr. Feiz’s insight is that ghrelin is primarily produced in an area of the stomach called the fundus. Since 75-85% of the stomach, including the fundus, is routinely eliminated during such bariatric procedures as the sleeve gastrectomy, success losing a large amount of weight, and then in keeping it off, seems far more likely. The endless cycle of yo-yo dieting that has plagued so many obese people could be ended with the kind of discoveries that leading edge bariatric surgeons such as Dr. Feiz have been making with the ghrelin hormone.

If you are significantly obese and wondering whether a bariatric procedure would be right for you, the best thing to do is to get in touch with Dr. Feiz’s office for a free consultation. Just contact us through the Dr. Feiz and Associates website or call 310-855-8058. Dr. Feiz is known for his understanding of the issues faced by people with weight issues and he is ready to help you make the necessary changes.

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