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Is Weight Loss Surgery My Last Option?

Obesity comes with more than its fair share of associated health issues. From health disease to diabetes, there are a plethora of risks connected to being overweight. If you’re stuck at an unhealthy weight, you decrease your ability to take part in everyday activities and increase your risk of an early death. Many overweight people attempt to lose weight through diet and exercise, but those options often fail. In those cases, weight loss surgery might be the best option to changing your life for the better. The committed team of Dr. Feiz and Associates have dedicated their careers to helping overweight people lead healthier lives through surgeries like lap band, gastric sleeve, and band to sleeve revision.

Whether you’re looking for a first time weight loss procedures or the sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band, Dr. Feiz and his team are the best resource in Southern California. With offices in Beverly Hills, Valencia, Huntington Beach, and more, Dr. Feiz has made a name for himself with weight loss surgeries that show results. Through his help, patients from all over have begun to lead healthier, slimmer lives.

For more information on surgical options, you can call our offices for a free consultation. We can answer your every question, find out if you’re right for Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve, and get you started right away. Dr. Feiz knows that weight loss can be difficult, but with his help you don’t ever have to lose hope. You can get started on your healthier life today.

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