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It’s About More than Size

Dr. Michael Feiz is one of the world’s most respected bariatric surgeons and an expert on one of the most reliable options in weight loss medicine, gastric sleeve surgery. The obvious benefit of this operation is that it can be performed less invasively through a single incision. At the same time, it reduces the size of the stomach by more than 75 percent. Not surprisingly, patients have reported a marked decrease in their appetite following the operation.

The interesting part is that there appears to be more to the effectiveness of gastric sleeve surgery than simply reducing the capacity of the stomach. When performed by an outstanding surgeon like Dr. Feiz, one part of the stomach that is routinely removed in the sleeve procedure is the fundus. The fundus appears to be the seat of most of the body’s production of the hormone responsible for the feelings of hunger. This is the substance that drives us to eat even when we know we have consumed more than enough food.

The name of this hormone is ghrelin, and the evidence indicates that overweight and obese people produce more of it than others. To make matters worse, it also appears that losing weight through diet and exercise actually causes an increase the hormone. By removing the fundus, the sleeve gastrectomy gets to the very root of why obese people have such a hard time losing weight and an even harder time keeping it off.

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