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It’s Never Been Easier to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Obesity is a struggle that many people in the United States have to face every single day. Not only do you have to deal with critical self-esteem issues, there are also plenty of health risks that are associated with obesity. High cholesterol, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, joint pain, and depression are all at higher risk when you’re overweight. It can sometimes feel like your life is on hold, as if you’re waiting for the moment you’re at a healthy weight to finally start living your life. At Dr. Feiz and Associates, we feel there’s no time like the present to reach your weight loss goals.

Weight loss surgical options include lap band, gastric sleeve, and band to sleeve surgery. There’s often a debate about the benefits of lap band vs. sleeve procedures, but the right surgery for you largely depends on genetics, medical history, and personal preference. In order to determine which surgical option is right for your weight loss journey, you should have a discussion with leading bariatric surgeon Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. If you’ve had issues with your lap band, our offices also perform lap band revision surgery.

Dr. Feiz and Associates have offices located throughout Southern California, including Beverly Hills, Huntington Beach, Calabasas, and Rancho Cucamonga. Each of our locations is fitted with state of the art facilities that will leave every patient feeling comfortable during and after their procedures. To find out more call our offices to learn more about a free seminar today.

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