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Joining the Southern California Dream

We all know the stereotype of sun-drenched life in Southern California, but we also know that the dream remains just that for very many people, particularly those of us who are dealing with the disease of severe obesity. Even so, thanks to bariatric procedures from an outstanding surgeon like Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S.,, a more healthy, active, and fulfilling life may very well await us. A procedure such as a lap band or sleeve gastrectomy in Lancaster, Rancho Cucamonga, Valencia, Huntington Beach, Beverly Hills, or elsewhere can be the key to whole new life that actively takes advantage of what the beautiful Greater Los Angeles area has to offer.

Widely regarded as one of the nation’s top authorities on bariatric medicine, Dr. Feiz is known as the kind of doctor who is skilled enough the handle the most difficult laparoscopic surgeries, including those which deal with surgeries which were less than completely successful previously, such as operations to convert band to sleeve. Beyond that, however, Dr. Feiz is known for his sensitivity in dealing with the many issues brought up by weight loss; patients praise his bedside manner with the same level of enthusiasm they discuss the results of their surgery.

Most of today’s weight loss procedures work by simultaneously reducing the size of the stomach and the appetite. Dr. Feiz understands that weight loss would be much less of an issue if the body was not working at cross purposes with us, trying to get us to eat more food than we should by making us feel hungry even when we know we have consumed more than enough food. As the doctor for a sleeve gastrectomy or lap band Los Angeles turns to first, he has ended those constant cravings and helped countless individuals life a life that is far closer to the Southern California dream than they ever would have believed possible.

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