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Keep the Weight Off for Good

Many obese and severely obese people have been told by their doctors that they must lose weight, or they will have a shorter, unhealthy life. These patients often suffer comorbid diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular problems, breathing problems and sleep apnea, and joint pain, sometimes due to arthritis. Of course, nearly all of these patients want to lose weight, but they have struggled with losing and regaining weight for years. They may have considered weight loss surgery, but seen that as a frightening last option. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. and his incredible team at Dr. Feiz & Associates want to help these patients. Weight loss surgery, from Lap Band to band to sleeve revision, has actually helped hundreds of people overcome their weight struggle and become healthy and happy.

When patients first visit Dr. Feiz, he will discuss their struggles as well as their bariatric surgery options, such as the potential benefits of Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve. Dr. Feiz understands that many obese people struggle with their largely because of ghrelin, a hormone produced by the stomach that signals the brain when the body needs food. In average people, this hormone stops being produced when the stomach is full and the brain catches up about 20 minutes later. However, for obese patients, intense hunger pangs and cravings can be caused by ghrelin and it actually gets worse when patients begin to lose weight. Dr. Feiz will take this into account when he hears his patient’s personal history, and can help guide the patient to the right weight loss surgery choice.

If you need a sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band, or just need help losing weight for good, Dr. Feiz & Associates are here for you.

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