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LA Lap Band Success Story

If you look around this web site, you can find testimonials from the many happy patients we’ve treated here at Dr. Feiz and Associates. Our weight loss surgery solutions have helped a large and growing number of men and women to reclaim their lives and find the confidence that they thought they had lost forever. While most patients are now receiving a sleeve gastrectomy to defeat severe obesity, the following is a brief personal story about the Lap Band….

Kate didn’t have any specific health problems; however, at over 300 pounds, she was worried about her long-term health. With Dr. Feiz, Kate received an FDA compliant banding operation. This procedure narrows the passageway of the stomach, which makes it more difficult to overeat. With the help of the band, she was able to lose over 110 pounds in two years, with most of that being lost in the first year. Citing a “new lease on life,” Kate told us she can now do many activities she wouldn’t have considered before.

One aspect of working with us that made the experience worth it, according to Kate, was Dr. Feiz’s dedication to her success. She mentioned that he was “fantastic” and was with her every step of the way. A touching anecdote she told was when she was considering an adjustment to her Lap Band. She telephoned the doctor over the Christmas holiday and, even though he was on vacation, he answered and discussed her concerns with her. Dr. Feiz’s commitment to his patients is unwavering and the many testimonials on this site echo that sentiment.

Sleeve Gastrectomy – Beyond the Lap Band

While many patients have enjoyed success obtaining a Lap Band procedure, Dr. Feiz and his patients have been increasingly gravitating to the sleeve gastrectomy. While many patients are still attracted to banding procedures because they are the least invasive and are reversible, sleeve gastrectomies have proven to be an extremely reliable solution that is still far less invasive than the older gastric bypass surgery.  The reason is that, simply put, this procedure appears to do a better job of getting to the root cause of severe obesity: excessive appetite.

Sleeve gastrectomy removes roughly 75-85% of the stomach, while preserving the basic functioning of the digestive system and avoiding some of the most unpleasant possible side effects of a bypass procedure. The benefits of the procedure in terms of appetite reduction are twofold. First, the smaller size of the stomach makes overeating uncomfortable. Second, the section of the stomach removed in the procedure is believed to be where the body produces a hormone called ghrelin. Since ghrelin is largely responsible for those constant pangs of appetite which make sustained weight loss so incredibly difficult, patients are able to dramatically reduce their caloric intake without being driven to distraction by hormonally generated feelings that are almost impossible to distinguish from real hunger.

Patients who obtain sleeve gastrectomies enjoy consistently good results in terms of sustained and dramatic weight loss. Over time, this leads to dramatic improvements in their overall health.  For example, many patients with type 2 diabetes lose enough weight to see a complete remission of the disease.

Getting Started on a Weight Loss Surgery

As with any bariatric procedure, the sleeve gastrectomy is intended for patients who meet the medical definition of severe obesity. That is a body mass index (BMI) of 40 and above, or a BMI of 35 and above with obesity-related health problems.

To find out about a consultation with Dr. Feiz and his team, contact us at the number on this page. You can also reach out by calling the phone number above, or getting in touch electronically through our contact page. The doctor and his entire team look forward to helping you get started on a healthier, happier life.  

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