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Gastric Bypass Thousand Oaks

gastric-bypass-thousand-oaksJust like with the Lap Band and sleeve gastrectomy procedures, Dr. Feiz performs the gastric bypass in Thousand Oaks laparoscopically on eligible patients. When the bariatric surgeries are carried our laparascopically, there is marked reduction in post-op recovery time, surgical scarring on the abdomen, as well as risk of infection. With the lap gastric bypass in Thousand Oaks, 3 to 4 lentil-sized incisions are made in the abdomen; these incisions serve as entry points for a tiny endoscopic camera and other narrow surgical instruments that are used to cut, staple, and suture tissue. The endoscopic camera streams video to a monitor in the operating room, and Dr. Feiz uses this to guide his instruments and safely perform the weight loss surgery.

After undergoing a gastric bypass in Thousand Oaks with Dr. Feiz, patients experience dramatic weight loss that lasts over a year, after which the body reaches a state of caloric equilibrium and weight loss plateaus. In order to optimize the results of the surgery, Dr. Feiz provides professional psychological guidance to dissipate the patient’s emotional dependence on food. Individually tailored exercise and diet plans are also created in order to ensure a comprehensively successful surgery. For more information regarding a gastric bypass in Thousand Oaks with Dr. Feiz, please call and schedule a free consultation.

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