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Lap Band and Gastric Sleeve: Two Great Bariatric Procedures

The options for weight loss surgery out there are diverse and varied. Two such surgeries, however, that are popular at Dr. Feiz and Associates are the gastric sleeve and the FDA compliant lap band procedure. These surgeries have many commonalities. Firstly, Dr. Feiz only recommends these procedures for those with a documented history trying to lose weight who still have a BMI over 40 or a BMI of 35 or more with many related health comorbidities. Both procedures will restrict the amount of food a person can have in one setting, making them feel full faster and for longer periods of time. This leads to the intended weight loss. Finally, Dr. Michael Feiz, MD, FACS performs both of these procedures with minimal incision points, which makes their risk of complication way less than with other surgeries that are more invasive.

While both offer great results, these are some differences between the two. A benefit of the lap band vs. sleeve is that it is an adjustable band. The restriction on the patient’s stomach can be altered depending on the way they want to adjust their progress. It is also removable, for those who want to live life without it or feel the need to get another operation if they haven’t gotten the results they wanted. What are the pluses of the sleeve vs. lap band? Well, it’s a permanent solution that doesn’t require as many follow up appointments to keep in check. It also tends to have fewer of the unpleasant gastro-intestinal side effects that the lap band can sometimes cause.

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