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Lap Band Failure Might Not Be Your Fault

Because of the stigma given to the obese, people don’t realize that losing weight after a bariatric surgery takes a lot of work. It is not an easy fix, as many want to label it. It is a surgical procedure, so there is some risk to having it. Also, for a procedure to be effective, massive changes in lifestyle must be performed so that patients eat nutritionally and increase their athletic output. Sometimes a recipient of the lap band will do all of this hard work and not see any weight loss; that’s when they come to Dr. Michael Feiz to discuss lap band revision surgery.

There are many reasons why a patient might not respond well to lap band surgery. Perhaps the physician did a poor job and the patient comes to Dr. Feiz to fix it. However, sometimes the lap band just might be incompatible with a recipient. Some people might not react well to a foreign object in their body. Some people might not have the metabolism needed for a restrictive procedure to be successful. If one of these reasons is the case, then Dr. Feiz may suggest a gastric sleeve after lap band conversion procedure.

This procedure simultaneously removes the offending lap band while converting the stomach into a sleeve shape. The perk here that makes the sleeve gastrectomy win in the battle of lap band vs. gastric sleeve is that it’s a permanent solution that doesn’t affect what a person can eat, just the portion size. It also removes the part of the stomach that causes hunger, helping a patient’s life not revolve around constant pangs of hunger. Best of all, Dr. Feiz is a master of minimally invasive techniques, guaranteeing that this conversion is as safe as possible.

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