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Lap Band Lake Elsinore

The Lap Band in Lake Elsinore offers patients suffering from morbid obesity a truly safe and effective way to achieve dramatic weight loss. But what exactly is the Lap Band? Basically, it is a thin, flexible plastic band filled with saline solution that the surgeons fit around the upper section of your stomach. By adding saline solution to the band, they can constrict it, gently altering your stomach into the shape of an hour glass. Think about how slow sand drains through an hour glass; with the Lap Band, you will be able to regulate your food intake in the same way. More people are taking an interest in the Lap Band in Lake Elsinore because it reversible, and does not involve any cutting to the internal organs.

Here at Dr. Feiz & Associates, the premier source for the Lap Band In Lake Elsinore, our doctors are among an elite group in America who are uniquely qualified to offer an advanced option known as micro Lap Band surgery. Using a state-of-the-art procedure called the STARR Treatment, our surgeons are able to insert the Lap Band with only A SINGLE INCISION! Now you can achieve the same amazing results, with less post-op pain, a faster recovery, and virtually no scarring.

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