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Lap Band or Gastric Sleeve? Ask Dr. Feiz Which is Best For You Today

For patients who have been considering weight loss surgery, it can be a challenge deciding which form of bariatric surgery would be best. After all, there are many different procedures available today, and patients may have questions regarding the differences between Lap Band Vs Gastric Sleeve or gastric bypass. The choice for the most highly qualified bariatric surgeon for the lap band in Los Angeles is the easy choice, however, as Dr. Feiz is a highly skilled surgeon with the capability of changing lives. Dr. Feiz isn’t just a surgeon, but a counselor.

Patients frequently Dr. Feiz is whether they would be better suited to the lap band or Gastric Sleeve, and it’s truly a choice that should be made between the patient and doctor. Both procedures have pros and cons, including the fact that one is less invasive and less prone to complications (the lap band), but weight is more gradual. The Lap Band surgery is fairly straightforward, and simply involves the implantation of an adjustable silicone gastric band that is fastened around the stomach to create a small stomach pouch which has a very small capacity for food.

Gastric sleeve is another option, which staples off 85% of the stomach, and the new, much smaller stomach has quite a limited capacity, in addition to the fact that patient feel minimal hunger or cravings. The reason patients are able to conquer their hunger is because the section of the stomach which is removed used to produce the “hunger hormone,” called ghrelin. The result is that patient lose weight rapidly, and with Dr. Feiz, they frequently are able to be back up and about, going to work, and everything else, within a week after surgery.

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