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Lap Band Procedure

The lap band procedure is a significantly less invasive alternative to such operations as the gastric bypass. Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS is one of the acknowledged top practitioners of this form of leading edge bariatric surgery. Unlike other forms of weight loss surgery, the lap band is a reversible and adjustable procedure in which leading edge laparoscopic techniques are used to place a band at the top of the stomach. The band substantially reduces the amount of food that is able to flow into the lower portion of the stomach. The result is a substantially lowered appetite and, of course, significant weight loss.

When obtaining a lap band procedure, it is important to get all the information you will need to make an informed decision. While lap banding can be reversed or adjusted and is substantially less invasive than such operations as the gastric bypass, it is nevertheless a very real and serious operation that should not be undertaken lightly. Boasting a zero mortality rate, Dr. Feiz is noted not only for his surgical skill and his ability to keep scarring to an absolute minimum, but for his straightforward and compassionate approach to working with patients. Dr. Feiz believes it is crucial to educate his clients so they fully understand the procedure and its likely impact on their lives.

Dr. Feiz and his outstanding staff are also happy to discuss such issues as lap band cost, including the issue of lap band insurance, which is provided by most medical insurers. For further information on the lap band and other types of bariatric surgery, please contact the Dr. Feiz & Associates clinic today for a free consultation.

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