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Lap Band Revision Surgery Performed by Experts

When many people talk about weight loss, they typically mean going on a fad diet, or changing their exercise routine based on trends. These don’t work, and they especially do not work for vulnerable people who have with severe obesity. Even with reliable changes to diet and exercise, these people may not lose weight fast enough to become healthy again. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., founded Dr. Feiz & Associates to help patients just like you, who need to lose weight and get healthy. He and his team are some of the leading experts in bariatric procedures on the West Coast, including Lap Band revision surgery, and more.

It is relatively rare that patients need revision surgery, but it can happen. Sometimes, a Lap Band moves, becomes loose, or is installed too tight. This can lead to discomfort, acid reflux, pain, nausea, and, worst of all, weight gain. You’ve worked hard to find the right solution so you can reach a healthy weight, and Dr. Feiz can help you continue that journey by performing a gastric sleeve after Lap Band removal. If you are a candidate for the procedure, he will be able to remove your band, and then perform a sleeve gastrectomy. This procedure creates a permanently smaller stomach area by removing up to 75 percent of the stomach. It also removes the part of the stomach that produces the “hungry hormone,” ghrelin, which can send signals of hunger pangs and food cravings that make weight loss harder.

With Dr. Feiz and his team at Dr. Feiz & Associates, you can get all your questions like the benefits of gastric sleeve vs. Lap Band answered. 

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