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Lap Band Revision Surgery: What is It?

Many patients struggle after weight loss surgery, often because they go into the whole bariatric surgery process without truly understanding that it is only a tool to aid in weight loss, not a magic bullet. It takes true dedication, whether you make the choice between lap band vs. sleeve or other surgeries, to lose weight and keep it off. Huntington Beach weight loss center, Dr. Feiz & Associates, frequently helps patients make the transition from band to sleeve, in a secondary weight loss procedure, in a way that gives the patient more than just the surgery. In fact, after lap band revision surgery, Dr. Feiz believes the weight loss journey is just beginning.

In fact, getting a weight loss procedure is important for morbidly obese individuals with many health problems, because the recidivism rate of regaining the weight with traditional weight loss programs is extremely high. That’s part of the reason why obese individuals come to Dr. Feiz for weight loss surgery, because he is very understanding of the fact that obesity is a very difficult to disease to overcome, especially without motivation or encouragement from a trained professional. He has seen countless patients come to his Bakersfield weight loss center asking for help because they’re at the end of their proverbial rope, looking to lose weight and keep it off. For many, losing the weight isn’t the actual hard part, it’s keeping it off and not backsliding, so to speak, into bad habits.

If you have had lap band surgery and the weight just hasn’t stayed off, don’t despair. Dr. Michael Feiz is the Rancho Cucamonga weight loss surgeon who can help you lose weight and keep it off.

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