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LAP Band Revision Surgery

As an approach to weight loss, one measure that doesn’t often get mentioned in the media is LAP band revision surgery. The LAP Band is a revolutionary method of achieving weight loss, and unsuccessful cases are rare. It’s unusual, then, to hear from the significant number of people who needed to have a procedure like the gastric sleeve after LAP band surgery had already been performed.

LAP band revision surgery happens more often than you might think, and patients are grateful when they finally achieve results. Dr. Feiz is a practitioner of LAP band revision surgery at its most sophisticated. Comparable “second” procedures include lap band surgery after gastric bypass or even in some cases, gastric bypass after lap band.

Dr. Feiz & Associates is the only clinic in Southern California that deserves your trust. Having devoted his residency to studying the relevant fields at the highest level, Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS has created a patient oriented technique for consultation and treatment selection. The surgeons Dr. Feiz works with have brought their own skills, and together they have devised a revolutionary approach consisting of maximum compassion and maximum results.

Dr. Feiz has reduced scarring by turning to micro-laparoscopy whenever possible. No other surgeon in Southern California can offer patients so much weight loss, and so few scars. Most importantly however, a Dr. Feiz surgery has never resulted in mortality.

If you’re ready to make a decision for your health, contact Dr. Feiz. You can reach him by phone at 310-817-6911 (toll free) or 800-868-5946.

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