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Lap Band Revision Treatment from Dr. Feiz can Renew Hope

The unfortunate reality is that morbid obesity can lead to a number of life-threatening health problems, and even a shorter lifespan – some experts even estimate it can take 20 years off of your life. That’s why it is so discouraging to learn that obesity is an increasingly serious issue in modern society. However, there is hope, thanks to the work of Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. and his team at Dr. Feiz and Associates.

Through bariatric surgeries like Lap Band and sleeve gastrectomy, Dr. Feiz is able to provide safe, sustained and rapid weight loss. That’s why he is frequently sought out for patients looking to know more about Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve surgery – and which treatment is right for them. As an active member of the American Society for Bariatric Surgeons and the American College of Surgeons who is revered among contemporaries and patients alike, Dr. Feiz can nearly always lead to stunningly effective results.

However, when performed by a lesser surgeon, bariatric surgery procedures don’t always lead to ideal results – or even involve unwanted complications. After all, bariatric surgery requires impeccable precision, so the expertise of a surgeon like Dr. Feiz will make all the difference. When a bariatric surgery is unsuccessful, Dr. Feiz can provide hope through the use of Lap Band to sleeve revision or other revision treatments. Sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band can lead to the safe, sustained, and rapid weight loss that patients were hoping to achieve initially. Perhaps even more importantly, it can lead to renewed hope for a higher quality of life.

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