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Lap-band Surgery is Attractive for Patients That Want the Minimally-Invasive Option

Countless patients’ lives have changed forever after getting lap band surgery with the Board Certified Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Michael Feiz. As an expert in all forms of bariatric surgery, Dr. Feiz often counsels patients who are uneasy about the prospect of invasive surgery to choose the lap band because it is minimally-invasive but produces maximum weight loss results. In fact, the lap band device, which is a simple, silicone gastric band that is fitted around the stomach, can even be adjusted or removed. Lap Band surgery is also the only bariatric procedure that can be effectively reversed, if the patient desires to remove their lap band, for any particular reason; however, less than 1% of patients choose to do so.

Dr. Feiz is able to counsel patients on their weight loss surgery options, based on whether they want to undergo a minimally invasive procedure such as the lap band, or if they want another option that may fit their needs better. Dr. Feiz is able to thoroughly counsel patients regarding the pros and cons of Lap Band Vs Gastric Sleeve, as most patients do not know the type of weight loss surgery that would be best for them, only that they have a dire need to lose weight.

If you are interested in the least invasive bariatric surgery, choose Dr. Feiz to perform your lap band surgery in Los Angeles. With a track record of success evidenced in his patient testimonials and before and after photo galleries, it’s no wonder patients flock to Dr. Feiz & Associates for the best Lap Band surgery. Call today for your free consultation and start your new life today! We offer bariatric surgery in Beverly Hills, Valencia, Rancho Cucamonga, Thousand Oaks, Oxnard and others!

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