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LAP-BAND Surgery is the Only Reversible Form of Bariatric Surgery Available

A common reason why Dr. Michael Feiz’ patients choose the lap band procedure over gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery is the fact that it has the lowest complication rate of any form of weight loss surgery currently available. While both are excellent options, some are more drawn to the idea of a lap band vs. gastric sleeve because of the lower risk of complications and the much lower complication rate compared to gastric bypass or the duodenal switch.

The lap band procedure with Dr. Feiz & Associates is completed laparoscopic ally, meaning there are only very small incisions utilized to access internal structures of the abdomen. Through the procedure, the stomach’s capacity is limited by constricting it with an adjustable silicone gastric band – the device known as the lap band. The band is fastened around the uppermost part of the stomach to limit how much food a patient can eat in one sitting, thereby helping them lose weight gradually and safely, at a rate of about 1-2 pounds per week. However, in the early stages of the patient’s weight loss, they may lose as many as 10 pounds per week as the body adjusts to the band.

Choosing to have bariatric surgery can be a major life decision, but it’s one that’s made easier when you select a board certified surgeon with a track record of excellence such as Dr. Feiz. In fact, Dr. Feiz has been recognized both by his peers and his patients, not to mention the medical board. Dr. Feiz is the clear choice when undergoing bariatric surgery in Southern California. To learn more, contact us today for your FREE, no-obligation consultation!

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