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Lap Band Surgery Pros and Cons

The lap band procedure is a reversible and effective weight loss operation. Dr. Michael Feiz, MD, FACS performs the FDA compliant lap band surgery and has found it to be an incredibly popular procedure. While lap band results are generally very impressive, the lap band may not be the appropriate procedure for every patient. Some may not qualify—Dr. Feiz ensures that his patients are prepared physically, mentally, and nutritionally for a bariatric operation—and others may find they are a better match for another procedure. Here are some lap band surgery pros and cons for those considering this procedure to think about.

Lap Band Surgery Pros and Cons


· Dr. Feiz’ technique is minimally invasive; he uses laparoscopic technology to perform the surgery with only one incision point. This makes it safer and reduces recovery time.

· The lap band is removable. While many keep their lap band for life, some are comforted by the fact that it can be taken out of the body.

· It can be adjusted based on the patient’s preference, allowing the patient to ease into their new lifestyle.

· Better health, fantastic weight loss results, and more benefits associated with a newly redefined relationship with food.


· The lap band, in rare cases, can slip or shift, causing discomfort.

· It is a foreign object introduced into the body and, while it’s completely safe, it can erode in the body, causing it to deteriorate.

· Certain foods and too much food intake can cause gastro-intestinal difficulties.

Dr. Feiz offers an absolutely free consultation and many complimentary seminars, where he covers these lap band surgery pros and cons and more. Lap band cost, including hospital fees and insurance coverage, is one of the more popular concerns and it is discussed thoroughly in these meetings. Call 310-817-6911 for more information or to schedule a meeting with Dr. Feiz and associates.

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