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LAP-BAND Surgery with Dr. Feiz Could be the Key to Your Weight Loss Success

In your initial consultation with Dr. Michael Feiz, you will learn the differences between the many types of bariatric procedure that can help you reclaim your health. Whether you are flummoxed about Lap Band Vs Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass, Dr. Feiz can help you decide which will be the best option for you, and Dr. Feiz will recommend the weight loss surgery that is most appropriate. Many patients choose lap band surgery in Beverly Hills, simply because it is the least invasive bariatric procedure with the lowest rate of complications, and a very high success rate.

Lap-band surgery with Dr. Feiz involves the placement of an adjustable silicone gastric band around the uppermost part of the stomach, constricting the stomach so the patient can only eat a very small amount before feeling full. What’s more, the patient feels full longer, because the process of digestion is slower as the food moves from this upper stomach pouch through the band and onward to the rest of the stomach. While other weight loss procedures involve more invasive mechanisms such as cutting and stapling the stomach or other digestive organ, the lap-band procedure does not permanently alter any part of the digestive system, and the device is adjustable and removable.

Whether you are interested in the lapband or Gastric Sleeve Surgery, Dr. Feiz can help you get your life back on track and help you learn to ditch bad habits that made you overweight in the first place. If you are interested in learning more, please contact the offices of Dr. Feiz today and set up your FREE initial consultation!

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