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Lap Band to Gastric Sleeve Surgery Expectations

Lap Band to Gastric Sleeve Surgery Expectations

Many patients seek the help of Dr. Feiz and Associates to continue their efforts in surgical weight loss when a lap band surgery from another doctor does not offer the desired results. When such procedures are needed, Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a master of Lap Band to sleeve gastrectomy revision surgery.

For some patients, an initial gastric band treatmentcan fail the produce the results the patient was hoping for. In these cases, Dr. Feiz and his team will explore the situation. One benefit of a gastric band is that it is adjustable, so it is possible than changing the adjustment will improve the situation considerably.

Nevertheless, a Lap Band revision surgery might be called for in a number of instances. In most cases, that means extracting the adjustable band and then performing a gastric sleeve procedure. This is a highly reliable operation that is still significantly less invasive than such older procedures as the gastric bypass.

A revision procedure typically is performed over a period of less than two hours in most cases, and is performed laparoscopically with the help of a miniature camera making incredibly incisions. The surgeon then goes on to remove 75-85% of the stomach, creating a smaller, sleeve like pouch.

The recovery period for any weight loss procedure might look something usually involves a relatively brief hospital stay of a night or two. Patients typically stay on a special liquid diet to begin with, gradually adding solid food and moving on to a healthy diet high in protein and other important nutrients but consisting of far smaller portions than before. Patients can usually return to work in something like a week or ten days. For obvious reasons, regular exercise will be encouraged over the long term to help patients lose weight and keep the weight off.

If you would like to know more, the only way to begin to learn about the pluses and minuses of Lap Band vs. sleeve procedures or revision surgery is to visit the offices of Dr. Feiz for a free seminar. We look forward to meeting you.

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