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Lap Band vs Sleeve

Skilled bariatric surgeons such as those working at Dr. Feiz & Associates know the importance of patient education when they are considering surgical weight loss, and the patient may be curious to hear the common “Lap Band vs Sleeve” debate. There is an increasing number of options, and doctors help patients understand that expectations must be realistic, and that there will be a recovery period, no matter what they choose. In answering the question of Lap Band vs Sleeve, know that the Lap Band is relatively simpler than sleeve gastrectomy, and relatively easier to reverse. If, however, the patient chooses the Lap Band, but is unsatisfied with the results, the Sleeve can become an option once again.

The Lap Band can often be adjusted to help ease certain effects that set in in the weeks and months following the procedure. If it is too tight, loosening it is a relatively simple task. Slippage is slightly more troubling, but can be adjusted for as well. But weight gain or nausea that becomes chronic are signs that the Lap Band is not working, and may need to be removed. When this happens the question is no longer one of Lap Band vs Sleeve, but a question of getting a more permanent bariatric procedure, or turning back toward diet and exercise for weight loss.

Patients will probably never be thrilled to know another procedure is in order, but Dr. Feiz and his team keep their patients informed, and have their best interest at heart. Their reputation for achieving excellent results precedes them as patients from around Southern California turn to them for bariatric procedures of all kinds. Schedule a consultation, or call today if you have any questions about any of these procedures.

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