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Lap Banding

People who are unhappy with their weight in Los Angeles have been turning more and more to the lap band procedure from Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS and his associates. His reputation as a friendly and knowledgeable surgeon has increased vital word of mouth and demand for his services. His skill at lap banding in particular has been lauded for its safety and effectiveness. Dr. Feiz’s lap banding, as opposed to other surgeons’ operations, uses fewer and smaller incision sites and is FDA compliant.

Many choose lap banding over other weight loss procedures for a few reasons: scarring is minimal through Dr. Feiz’s advanced technique, no part of the stomach is removed, and the band is adjustable and removable. It’s incredibly flexible for the patient; the lap band can be removed for patients who feel like they no longer need it or Dr. Feiz can convert the lap band to a gastric sleeve for those who need a more drastic weight loss solution.

Dr. Feiz and his associates pride themselves for being approachable and compassionate about every person’s unique circumstances. If you feel like you’d like to explore lap banding, then please come to one of Dr. Feiz’s offices for an absolutely free consultation or seminar. During these, any and all questions are taken seriously and answered frankly and caringly. Common questions often revolve around lap band cost and results. These will be covered for sure, including the discussion of lap band insurance and before and after photos.

There are 11 locations throughout Los Angeles where Dr. Feiz can meet with you. Schedule your consultation today by calling 310-817-6911 or by using the online contact form.

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