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Learn What You Need to Know About Gastric Sleeve Surgery at a FREE Seminar!

Learn What You Need to Know About Gastric Sleeve Surgery at a FREE Seminar!

Gastric Sleeve Surgery could be the start of a new life for you; one that is free of the burden and embarrassment of obesity. For interested patients, the obesity center of Dr. Feiz & Associates offers free seminars for Gastric Sleeve and lap band surgery in Los Angeles, and all throughout Southern California. Patients are encouraged to attend these free seminars so they can learn not only about the different forms of bariatric surgery offered at Dr. Feiz & Associates, but so they can actively participate in their treatment. It’s important for patients to realize the hazards of living a life hampered by obesity so they can learn how to counteract their bad habits and change them for good.

If you have been considering bariatric surgery, you should do your research so you can be sure that your bariatric surgeon is one who is truly vested in your health. One visit to the website of Dr. Michael Feiz will show you that he is not only a gifted surgeon, but is a true ally for patients who are seeking what can be a nerve-racking, yet life-changing procedure. Dr. Feiz realizes that his patients are anxious about surgery and does all he can to quell their concerns. What’s more, after surgery, Dr. Feiz continues to be in their corner and teach them more about how they can improve their lives as they are losing weight through diligent healthy eating and physical activity.

If you are interested in attending a FREE seminar regarding gastric sleeve or lap band surgery in Southern California, please contact the offices of Dr. Feiz today at 310-855-8058!