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Los Angeles Trusts Dr. Feiz for Outstanding Weight Loss Results that Last

Obesity is a very serious problem that often goes hand in hand with chronic illnesses that can greatly affect all aspects of life. For those who are eager to begin a healthier lifestyle by losing significant weight, bariatric surgery may come to mind as a way to kickstart the process. Choosing a surgeon with an excellent track record is a priority; and those in the Los Angeles area are fortunate to have an expert at hand. Board-certified bariatric surgeon Dr. Michael Feiz has countless appreciative patients whose lives have turned around after their weight loss surgery procedures.

Widely considered as one of the finest practitioners of bariatric surgery in the U.S., Dr. Feiz has pioneered improved weight loss surgery methods during his career, with great success. Some of the reasons patients choose Dr. Feiz over other bariatric surgeons in Los Angeles is because he is a compassionate bariatric surgeon who doesn’t have any gimmicks to attract patients such as billboards or jingles. Dr. Feiz provides his patients with the best care possible, and as evidenced by the bariatric surgery before and after gallery on his site, his patients have achieved outstanding weight loss.

Dr. Feiz’ patients don’t have to go through their weight loss journey alone, either. Dr. Feiz and his talented, friendly staff are available for every step of the way, from the FREE consultation through the surgery and aftercare. Patients are provided with nutrition, exercise and lifestyle advice to acclimate to their life after bariatric surgery and so they can lose the weight and finally keep it off. If you are interested in minimally-invasive lap band surgery or any other weight loss surgery provided by Dr. Feiz & Associates, please contact us today at 310-855-8058!

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