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Lose the Weight for Good with Band to Sleeve Surgery

Losing weight is a daunting process; ask anyone who’s even had to lose just 10 pounds, and you’ll find out how difficult a process it can be. That’s why at the offices of Dr. Feiz & Associates, we don’t judge you if you need lap band revision surgery. After all, it’s not uncommon for a lap band patient to experience frustration with their bariatric surgery choice. Fortunately, these patients are able to reverse their lap band surgery, as it is the only reversible and removable bariatric surgery option available today, by simply removing the adjustable gastric band that surrounds the stomach (similar to how a watch fastens around the wrist). Patients that get band to sleeve surgery not only get the surgery they need to finally get down to a healthy weight, they also get the crucial counseling they need in order to make a successful lifestyle change.

Many wonder what exactly the differences are between the lap band vs. sleeve surgeries. Dr. Feiz & Associates are glad to help patients decide between these two surgeries, and once they have had time to consider their options, Dr. Feiz will make his recommendations for which surgery is best for their situation. For many of Dr. Feiz’ patients, lap band is the appropriate choice, but for a significant minority, it will take a second procedure in order to get down to the right weight. After all, losing weight is a very difficult process, and obesity is a deadly disease.

To get started on your weight loss journey, call Dr. Feiz and Associates in Los Angeles today.

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