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Losing Weight is about More than Self-Esteem

For many men and women, choosing a weight loss surgery like lap band or sleeve gastrectomy can go a long way in restoring lost self-worth. We also know that there are many health benefits from losing weight, including the elimination of many heart issues and bone and joint pain. In addition to these commonly known benefits that come with shedding obesity, Michael Feiz, MD, FACS has seen many health issues resolved from the weight loss procedures he has performed.

Dr. Feiz is a board certified bariatric surgeon in Los Angeles who has seen dramatic weight loss provide many benefits to his patients, some less known. For instance, weight loss surgery can:

  • Alleviate depression. Positive lifestyle changes and a renewed sense of self-worth can help mitigate issues associated with depression. Similarly, losing weight can also help former morbidly obese patients exercise easier, have better social interactions, and experience other activities that are good for mental health.
  • Boost reproductive health in women. Morbidly obese women sometimes have difficulty conceiving and have a higher risk of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Losing weight can help regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle and resolve conditions (like PCOS and hypertension) that make it hard to sustain a pregnancy.
  • And more!

If considering a weight loss surgery or a revision procedure (such as the convert band to sleeve operation), then contact Dr. Feiz & Associates. There, an expert can explain the many health benefits associated with losing weight, help you choose which surgery—lap band vs. gastric sleeve most commonly—is best for you, and much more.

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