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Losing Weight is Not Magic

That doesn’t mean, however, that the results of weight loss surgery can’t be very dramatic. Dr. Michael Feiz is an acknowledged master of bariatric procedures including gastric sleeve surgery. This surgery effectively removes about 75% to 85% of the stomach, creating a conical shape that resembles a sleeve.

Gastric sleeves have proven extremely effective for many patients and are less invasive than earlier procedures, in that all the work is done via a single incision. Beyond that, the gastric sleeve is highly effective for a number of reasons. The most obvious is that it significantly reduces the capacity of the stomach to hold food, which will naturally tend to reduce the appetite by making it less comfortable to eat excessively.

Dr. Feiz has, however, found an additional reason for the surgery’s outstanding record of success. One portion of the stomach removed in the surgery is an area called the fundus. It is primarily responsible for the production of a hormone called ghrelin, which essentially “tells” the brain that more food is desired by the body. The fundus appears to often be overactive in overweight people, particularly those who are losing weight for any reason, which means that it just might be the #1 enemy of permanent, healthy weight loss. A bariatric procedure with Dr. Feiz may be the only way for many people to defeat that enemy.

There is plenty of good reason why Dr. Feiz is the surgeon for a gastric sleeve Los Angeles turns to first. He is one the world’s most renowned bariatric surgeons and he would be delighted to speak with you about bariatric procedures. For information on a free consultation, please call Dr. Feiz and Associates at 310-855-8058 or contact us online.

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