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Maddy-STARR Treatment

Hi my name is Maddy Bronstein. I am 49 year wife and mother of one child and I have been dealing with weight issues for several years now. I have tried all the usual avenues examples: fad diets, yoyo dieting and starving myself just to name a few. Educated in the medical field as a registered nurse I am well aware of the many health issues associated with being overweight. After trying the conventional ways to lose the weight, I found myself in a fury of searching a more permanent solution to losing the weight for good. Talking with many people with similar problems and my associates within the medical community. One name kept occurring that is Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS.

I was very hesitant to do a surgical procedure but my choices were becoming limited and I wanted to lose the weight in a timely manner that was also safe. I went ahead and contacted Dr. Feiz’s office and made an appointment to speak with him regarding my options related to my weight issue. The staff was extremely caring and concerned for my privacy and very helpful. I was able to arrange an appointment with Dr. Feiz for our first consultation. Arriving at Dr. Feiz office I was understandably nervous. When I was taken back to his office his mannerism was soft spoken and not only comforting but I felt he understood my fruitions and concerns. He explained the surgical options available to me. Each surgical procedure he advised to me, Dr. Feiz went into great depth regarding the pros and cons, and which surgical procedure was best suited for me. He understood my needs and what best suited me, which I really appreciated. We decided the Gastric Laparoscopic Sleeve was the appropriate procedure for me and I scheduled the surgery. My surgery, scheduled on July 13, 2011 at the Town Center Surgery, in Valencia California. I was asked if I wanted to be a part of a new procedure called the STARR Treatment, and I elected to do this innovated procedure. The Micro Gastric Sleeve with STARR Treatment instead. The reason I chose this surgery over the Lap Band is I wanted a permanent solution to my weight issues. The STARR Treatment (Surgical Tiny Access and Rapid Recovery) Treatment allows for micro gastric sleeve surgery which is the same as the gastric sleeve surgery but performed entirely through a single very miniscule incision. Dr Feiz use a single laparoscopic platform called “The Spider Surgical System” which is contained within a very small thin metal tube. The tube creates a very small incision and once inserted into your belly the instrument unfolds inside you like a tiny umbrella. This allowed Dr Feiz to perform the micro gastric sleeve surgery with full right and left instrumental movements. When Dr. Feiz finished the surgery and was complete the instrument collapses back into the tube and is removed. The surgery which was less than an hour and a half went flawlessly. Following the standard protocol I was observed and released after 24 hours. What is so amazing about this surgery is an almost scar-less result. I had very little scarring if any, to be seen. My scarring was less than a size of a freckle and my post operative pain was very minimal. It’s now 12 weeks since the STARR surgery and I am THRILLED with the results. At this date, I have lost over 47 pounds and I am feeling “fantastic” I “HIGHLY” recommend you investigate this procedure to anyone who is battling weight issues.

Thank you Dr. Feiz for changing my life for the better!!!!


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