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Make an Informed Decision about Your Weight Loss Surgery with Dr. Feiz

From the time that his patients come into his office for a free consultation until the day they’ve hit their ideal body weight, Michael Feiz, MD, FACS presents full disclosure on everything related to bariatric surgery. Dr. Feiz, in a first meeting, will explain the many types of stomach surgery for weight loss, including sleeve gastrectomy, the Lap Band, gastric bypass, and others. Then, he’ll discuss frankly and compassionately with the patient on which (if any) of the procedures are most qualified to help them achieve life-changing weight loss.

You can see this information-first approach throughout Dr. Feiz’ website. By including pages dedicated to each of the procedures he performs, Dr. Feiz allows potential patients to understand the basics and the science behind the weight loss. For those who prefer a digital approach, Dr. Feiz’ website hosts a wide range of videos, including surgical videos and patient testimonials direct from those who have had a gastric sleevectomy, a conversion surgery, a gastric bypass, or a Realize or Lap Band surgery.

Dr. Feiz truly believes that his patients are worth the extra time and attention that education may take. Well-informed patients, on the whole, make better post-surgical decisions about their health and nutrition. To supplement this success, Dr. Feiz maintains a strong bond with his patients throughout the post-surgery processes, communicating frequently in order to monitor their weight loss and overall psychological and physical health. It’s this personal, approachable method that ensures the healthiest weight loss possible and makes his patients happy that they came to him to explore their weight loss surgery options.

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