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Make Healthy Weight a Reality

Over one-third of US adults are considered obese, and six percent are severely obese. This means that they are at least 100 pounds overweight, or have a BMI of 40 or greater. In many cases, people who have this much excess weight develop comorbid diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, sleep apnea and respiratory problems, arthritis, joint pain, and even depression. These are serious, chronic illnesses that will get worse over time unless the underlying problem is fixed. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., founded Dr. Feiz & Associates to help severely obese patients lose weight with bariatric surgery. As one of the leading weight loss surgeons in the US, Dr. Feiz gathered a compassionate team to perform Lap Band and sleeve gastrectomy Los Angeles residents need.

Lap Band is one of the most popular forms of bariatric surgery today, and Dr. Feiz has seen this procedure work for many individuals. In some rare cases, however, the Lap Band does not work – it could be too loose, too tight, or it may have misaligned itself over time. This can cause discomfort, and stop the patient from losing weight. Dr. Feiz knows that people who receive the Lap Band have gone through enough struggle with their weight loss, which is why he became one of the few weight loss surgeons to specialize in sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band. In this procedure, the surgeon removes the Lap Band device, then performs a sleeve gastrectomy to make the stomach permanently smaller. This helps patients continue their weight loss journey.

Whether you need a band to sleeve revision, or want to know more about your weight loss surgery options, contact Dr. Feiz & Associates today for your appointment.

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