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Making a Choice for Bariatric Surgery

Making a Choice for Bariatric Surgery

It’s often said that life is a series of choices, but there’s little doubt that how we choose to deal with our obesity might be among the most important decisions impacting our health and happiness. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. is one of the finest weight loss surgeons in the country and few people are more qualified to help you decide whether a lap band, bypass or gastric sleeve surgery is a good fit for you.

There’s no doubt that whether you obtain a fully adjustable and reversible lap band or a more involved procedure, the decision to obtain bariatric surgery is serious. All bariatric procedures reduce the appetite and they therefore make sticking to a reduced calorie diet far less difficult. Even so, these procedures still require the effort and commitment needed to permanently alter your relationship with food. While both lap band and sleeve gastrectomy surgery allow you to eat a full range of foods, the portions will drastically reduce for the balance of the patient’s life.

Also, of course, while Dr. Feiz is one of the nation’s best surgeons and he boasts an unparalleled record of safety and success in his procedures, the decision to obtain any surgery is always a serious matter. Depending on your personal health history, a bariatric procedure may or may not be an advisable option for severely obese people.

Offering free seminars for prospective weight loss patients, Dr. Feiz is a foremost authority on the benefits and issues involved in weight loss surgery. If you have been struggling with health-threatening weight issues without success, a visit to Dr. Feiz’s office to learn more about your options may very well be the best choice you can make.