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Making the Big Change

Making the Big Change

It’s natural to have some concerns before making a big change, but the fact of the matter is that change is necessary if we’re ever to improve our lot in life. As one of the nation’s most respected bariatric surgeons, Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., is the doctor for such procedures as a gastric sleeve or a lap band Los Angeles turns to first. He has helped countless women and men to make one of the biggest changes of their lives: losing the excess weight which has harmed their health and happiness. He has also performed some of the most difficult procedures, including those which convert band to sleeve and improve on operations that failed to deliver the desired results.

A bariatric surgery may be a very positive change, but no surgery should ever be entered into lightly. You certainly want your surgeon to be the very best there is, and Dr. Feiz is known for his unusually high level of manual dexterity when performing procedures. As an expert on minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures, Dr. Feiz has fostered consistently positive outcomes in his patients.

Of course, you are an extremely important part of the equation when it comes to making the changes needed to achieve permanent weight loss with a bariatric procedure. Although procedures greatly decrease the appetite, they don’t lose the weight for you and lifestyle changes are still necessary. Of course, Dr. Feiz and his team will be monitoring your progress and providing assistance, where needed.

If you believe you’re ready to make the change to a leaner, happier, and healthier new you, now may the very best time there is to get started. If you think you might be a ready for a procedure such as a lap band or sleeve gastrectomy, Lancaster, Valencia, Huntington Beach, Rancho Cucamonga, Beverly Hills, Encino and all of Southern California play host to the offices of Dr. Feiz and Associates. Free seminars are conducted on a regular basis.

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