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Making the Choice for Lasting Health

Renowned Los Angeles weight loss surgeon Dr. Michael Feiz, knows that choosing to undergo bariatric surgery is very hard, but also important for lasting health. Regardless of what the patient chooses in regards to lap band vs. gastric sleeve vs. gastric bypass or other procedures, Dr. Feiz’ patients face serious benefits from their choice to have weight loss surgery. When it comes time to choose a particular weight loss surgery, many choose lap band, because it is the only adjustable and reversible weight loss surgery. Patients have also come to Dr. Feiz for band to sleeve revision surgery.

Dr. Feiz has been a pioneer in the field of minimally invasive laparoscopic weight loss surgery, helping pave the way to change how procedures are done. Today, weight loss procedures are much safer and more effective than ever before; however, patients must still entrust the work to be done by a skillful professional understands who all aspect of these difficult procedures.

Dr. Feiz is particular adept at secondary weight loss procedures, such as sleeve gastrectomy after lap band, which can produce truly outstanding results. It’s an outstanding choice for many, as it “rewires” the interrelationship between the stomach and brain, so you feel full sooner and less of the “hunger hormone” is produced. To learn more about how you should make your personal weight loss surgery decision, your best bet is to attend one of Dr. Feiz’s weight loss free seminars throughout Greater Los Angeles, including Beverly Hills, Huntington Beach, Lancaster and Rancho Cucamonga.

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