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Making the Right Choice with Bariatric Surgery

Here at Dr. Feiz and Associates we’re committed to providing options to patients suffering with severe obesity in order to provide them a with a better and brighter path forward. Living with severe obesity can be quite debilitating during day to day life, and, what’s worse, it involves life threatening health issues which dramatically decrease one’s lifespan. Though many people who struggle with severe obesity feel they have very few options, weight loss surgery here at Dr. Feiz and Associates is proven to be safe, effective, and able to yield long term results.

Of course, not every operation has the same results. If you have already had a Lap Band and are seeing disappointing results, a band to sleeve operation by our own Dr. Michael Feiz can be the right choice for a variety of reasons. Dr. Feiz is a leading bariatric surgeon and his work allows a severely obese patient to actually make progress toward reaching a healthy and happy lifestyle, free from the very real hardships of obesity.

If you, or someone you know is struggling with the many issues associated with severe obesity, we are standing by to renew hope and offer you a second chance. Even if you’re unfamiliar with these procedures and may not know the difference between a Lap Band vs. sleeve operation, our team is standing by to provide the answers and the care you’re looking for. Whether you are here for your first procedure or need a Lap Band revision surgery, we are here to help. Contact our team today to begin your journey.