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Making the Weight Loss Surgery Decision

Making the Weight Loss Surgery Decision

Life is, as they say, a series of decisions. Famed bariatric surgeon Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., knows that, for many, the decision to have a bariatric procedure is one of the very hardest and most important of them all. Regardless of what choice the patient and his or her physician makes regarding such matters as lap band vs. gastric sleeve vs. the older gastric bypass, the patient will be significantly altering their digestive system. It’s serious business.

At the same time, innovations have been occurring on a regular basis since weight loss surgery was first introduced more than two decades ago. Dr. Feiz has been at the forefront of the minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques that have permanently altered the face of weight loss surgery. Today’s procedures are safer and more effective than ever – but they still must be performed by a supremely competent professional who understands all aspect of these delicate and complex procedures.

Of course, once a patient and a doctor have determined that a weight loss procedure is called for, there remains the matter of the type of surgery. Many patients lean towards lap band procedures, which can be highly effective and are also both adjustable and reversible. If they fail to produce the desired results, however, Dr. Feiz is a master of lap band revision surgery.

With his well-known acumen for using the latest high-tech procedures, Dr. Feiz’s patients have found that a gastric sleeve after lap band can produce truly outstanding results. The gastric sleeve has become known as among the most reliable procedures for many people, because it fights the hunger pangs that plague formerly obese people trying to achieve long-term weight loss without a bariatric surgery in multiple ways. It’s an outstanding choice for many.

To learn more about how you should make your personal weight loss surgery decision, your best bet is to attend one of Dr. Feiz’s free seminars.

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