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Many Positive Effects Associated with Lap Band Surgery

Lap Band surgery is one of the most popular methods a person has at their disposal when it comes to losing a large amount of weight, and keeping it off. The surgery works by applying a band around a person’s stomach, which turns the organ into an hour-glass shape. This helps to slow the passage of food through the digestive system (particularly in the stomach), and can help people feel fuller, faster, so they don’t eat as much. Dr. Feiz of Dr. Feiz and Associates, a man who has spent his long and distinguished career performing weight loss surgeries knows about the positive impacts Lap Band surgery can have, and offers the surgeries to Southern California residents who want to make big changes to their lifestyle.

When it comes to a particularly weight loss surgery, Lap Band isn’t necessarily always the answer however. There is the question of the Lap Band vs. sleeve operations, because they go about achieving weight loss in two distinct ways. The Lap Band places a band over the stomach, while the sleeve operation actually consists of removing a large percentage (sometimes up to 85%) of the same organ with a number of hormonal benefits. Dr. Feiz also offers band to sleeve options for those who have seen some positive results from a Lap Band surgery, but not enough to meet their personal health goals. And, for those who have enjoyed the Lap Band, but think it could be more comfortable or effective, Dr. Feiz has the option of a Lap Band revision surgery which can help to achieve and more appropriate weight loss outcome for a particular patient.

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