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Medical Weight Loss Pasadena

Here at Dr. Feiz & Associates, our team of extraordinarily skilled and devoted medical professionals offers a wide range of options for medical weight loss in Pasadena. We know and appreciate the fact that you have probably been struggling with your weight for years, to no avail. You are tired of hearing people who have never had to deal with weight judge you and tell you that, if only you worked out more or managed your diet better, all your weight problems would go away. You know it’s not as simple as that. All we want to say is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It will take commitment to get there, but the experts here at Dr. Feiz & Associates are prepared to stand by you from beginning to end.

So what exactly do we mean when we talk about solutions for medical weight loss in Pasadena? The surgical team at Dr. Feiz & Associates has extensive experience performing the Lap Band surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, and gastric bypass surgery. Some of these procedures are more invasive than others, and you likely won’t be an ideal candidate for every single one of them. Contact us for a FREE consultation on medical weight loss in Pasadena, and together we will map out the best path for you.

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