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Medical Weight Loss Thousand Oaks

Medical Weight Loss Thousand Oaks

Are you looking for options for medical weight loss in Thousand Oaks? Have you toiled away at various diet and exercise plans and still haven’t seen any positive results? Fortunately, the technology available for bariatric surgery has improved by leaps and bounds over recent years, making this approach to weight loss safer and more effective than ever before. Here at Dr. Feiz & Associates, we combine state-of-the-art facilities with some of the most talented surgeons in the country to offer medical weight loss in Thousand Oaks that has transformed the lives of countless patients.

Thousand Oaks Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity often feels like a gigantic hole that you can’t possibly climb out of. You’ve tried so many different avenues, and all they have accomplished is exhausting you further and leaving you too frustrated to try again. We are here to tell you that you don’t have to settle for the status quo. So many patients have enjoyed tremendous success from medical weight loss in Thousands. We encourage you to schedule a FREE consultation with us and learn about many options such as gastric bypass, the Lap Band, and sleeve gastrectomy. We will help you determine if you are a good candidate for any of these procedures, and we will inform you about all the potential benefits and risks of all possible avenues for weight loss before settling on any particular course of action.

Dr. Feiz & Associates offer many options to people interested in solutions for weight loss in Los Angeles. The highly experienced Dr. Michael Feiz and his team provide gastric sleeve surgery and the Lap Band in Los Angeles. They also provide gastric sleeve surgery and the Lap Band in Beverly Hills, Oxnard, Huntington Beach, and a variety of other convenient office locations.

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