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Meet Your Weight Loss Goals with Dr. Feiz

If your primary care doctor has tried to help you lose weight with little or no success, it may be time to consider visiting Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. and his team at Dr. Feiz & Associates. The skilled and caring doctors at Dr. Feiz and Associates will discuss bariatric surgery options with you, to help you lose weight, keep the pounds off, and reduce your chances of weight-related illnesses.

Dr. Feiz and his team offer two types of bariatric surgery: the Lap Band procedure, and the gastric sleeve. When most patients think of “bariatric surgery,” they imagine the very serious gastric bypass surgery, which removes the stomach almost entirely. Both the Lap Band and the gastric sleeve procedures reduce the size of the stomach, which causes less physical trauma to the patient in the long term, because the digestive system is not being rearranged. Dr. Feiz’s experience and extensive training can help you decide between Lap Band vs. sleeve surgery, so you can reach your weight loss goals and feel great.

Dr. Feiz and Associates also offer Lap Band revision surgery. This medical procedure removes the Lap Band device from the patient’s stomach, and reduces the size of the stomach through the gastric sleeve procedure. Although both Lap Bands and gastric sleeves reduce the size of the stomach, Lap Band technology specifically reduces stomach size using a removable device, while the gastric sleeve permanently reduces the size of the stomach. Many patients find that the Lap Band does not help them meet their weight loss goals, and opt to transition to the sleeve instead.

If you have questions about band to sleeve surgery, Lap Band procedures, or gastric sleeves, Dr. Feiz and Associates have the answers. Contact us today.

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