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Micro Sleeve Surgery Lake Elsinore

Dr. Feiz & Associates has become the premier provider of micro sleeve surgery in Lake Elsinore. What exactly is micro sleeve surgery? This is an advanced form of gastric sleeve surgery, which involves removing 75-85% of the stomach and reshaping what remains into a sleeve that facilitates better regulation of food intake. Patients enjoy immediate weight loss with this breakthrough procedure.

The micro sleeve surgery in Lake Elsinore offered by Dr. Feiz & Associates provides the same amazing results, but with a faster recovery period, less post-operative pain, and even less scarring. The reason is simple: with state-of-the-art technology, these doctors are able to introduce all of their instruments into the body cavity with a SINGLE incision. They insert a thin metal tube into the incision, and an array of extremely small surgical instruments housed inside the tube then unfolds like a miniature umbrella. The scar left behind is smaller than a freckle or a single grain of rice.

The specialists providing micro sleeve surgery in Lake Elsinore represent the very top of their field. A select few bariatric surgeons are skilled enough to use this advanced method, and Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS is among them. To learn more about micro sleeve surgery in Lake Elsinore, contact them for a free consultation or attend one of their seminars.

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