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Mind Over Weight Matters

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so,” wrote William Shakespeare, and it’s certainly true when it comes to attempting lose weight. Renowned board certified bariatric surgeon Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. has performed countless procedures on the gastro-intestinal tract but he knows the most powerful impact of procedures is even more on the brain than it is on the gut.

Renowned as the doctor for a gastric sleeve or lap band Los Angeles and all of Southern California turns to first, Dr. Feiz has achieved consistent success for his patients by understanding the mind-body connection and how it impacts people who are trying their hardest to lose substantial amounts of weight. The primary difficulty experienced by many long-term dieters is that, once they successfully achieve a weight loss, the body tends to interpret this as a sign of oncoming famine and starts to send hormonal hunger signals that make it extremely difficult not to overeat and regain the weight.

As the doctor for a sleeve gastrectomy Lancaster, Oxnard, Carson, Huntington Beach, Bakersfield, Beverly Hills, and all of Southern California turns to first, Dr. Feiz has been at the forefront of identifying the impact of a particular hunger hormone known as ghrelin. The production of this hormone appears to be associated with the fundus, a section of the stomach typically removed as part of a sleeve gastrectomy. While he has also enjoyed success with lap band procedures, which has the benefit of being both adjustable and reversible, he has also provided support to patients who decide to convert band to sleeve when the initial operation was not providing the full desired effect.

If you are interested in learning how a weight loss surgery can change the way you think about food – and, therefore, the way you actually eat food – your next step should be a visit to one of the offices of Dr. Feiz and Associates. Free seminars are available on a regular basis.

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