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New Diet After Weight Loss Surgeries

New Diet After Weight Loss Surgeries

Whether you are about to have your first gastric sleeve or band procedure, or are having a Lap Band revision surgery, the diet you follow in the days, weeks, months, and year following a procedure will obviously be crucial to your future health and wellbeing. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. has been at the forefront of helping patients to achieve success through expertly performed weight loss procedures. Below is a very brief of the kind of advice you should receive from a doctor following a bariatric surgery.

· Aside from risking your weight loss, after any weight loss procedure operation, you may become nauseous or violently ill if you overeat.

· Chew your food thoroughly and be sure to take the time necessary to truly enjoy it; this will ensure that you feel full. It will also aid your digestion.

· While a great deal of attention should be paid to the pros and cons of Lap Band vs. sleeve gastrectomy, the same attention to good eating should be paid following either procedure.

· Pay attention to protein. You should have one serving of a high protein food alongside appropriate servings of vegetables and carbohydrate-rich foods at every meal.

· For obvious reasons you should pursue a healthy, well-balanced diet eaten in small portions; avoid empty calories – i.e., foods that feature lots of sugar and fat and not much in the way of protein, vitamins/minerals, fiber, and overall nutrition.

· Most important of all, adhere to any meal plan given to you by your doctor.

Whether you are considering an initial operation such as a Lap Band or gastric sleeve, or are considering a revision procedure such as a band to sleeve, Dr. Feiz is one of the very best there is. Contact his office for details on a free seminar.

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