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No Procedure is Perfect, But Some Are Better than Others

As it is with any surgery, all weight loss surgeries have a very small risk of complications, but the benefits of the surgery far outweigh the risks. Most of the people who elect bariatric surgery are currently suffering from a variety of dangerous medical conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease that are a result of their obesity. Everyone who is obese wants to make a change deep down inside, but many do not know the best course of action, and need to talk to a skilled surgeon like Dr. Michael Feiz to learn about lap band vs. gastric sleeve surgery.

While it is true that many patients have tremendous success with the Lap Band procedure, others find that they would like to switch procedures after failing to lose the amount of weight that they expect. Dr. Feiz is an expert at performing a sleeve gastrectomy after lap band surgery, and his patients rave about his bedside manner, and his post-operative support that helps them lose the weight and keep it off. The band to sleeve revision surgery is also a great match for obese patients who struggle with hunger cravings throughout the day. These hunger cravings are caused in part by a hormone called ghrelin that is released by the stomach when it is empty. Because the sleeve procedure involves removing a portion of the stomach, less of this hormone reaches the bloodstream every time the stomach is empty, reducing the strength of each craving. This is why patients of Dr. Feiz are so successful after having the revision surgery.

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