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One Perk of the Lap Band is Its Reversibility

For prospective bariatric surgery patients at Dr. Feiz and Associates, the lap band vs. sleeve gastrectomy consideration is an important one. After all, no one procedure is right for every patient. In fact, bariatric surgery itself isn’t always right for each patient. These are all things that Dr. Feiz considers in his consultations. He thoroughly vets prospective patients through an interview and assessment to make sure that they:

  • Have exhausted every other way to lose weight
  • Are healthy enough to undergo a surgical procedure
  • Have the right mindset and mental health for the changes that are sure to come following bariatric surgery
  • Are of a high enough BMI where surgery is the best option for relieving obesity related symptoms and comorbidities

There are many other issues to consider, as well, all of which are discussed in these consultations.

Something that is to be considered before choosing a procedure, of course, is the idea that the lap band is adjustable and reversible. This means that it can be fine-tuned to match the patient’s comfort level, completely unfilled if the patient wants no restriction to their diet, and even completely removed if the patient feels like it is no longer needed. Dr. Feiz even performs a lap band to sleeve conversion procedure if the lap band is not effective for weight loss. It’s not the best outcome to get another operation, but it is sometimes a necessary option. This lap band revision surgery helps get the patient on track towards finally losing weight that they had originally hoped to lose.

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