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Options in Bariatric Surgery

When a severely obese person decides to take the surgical path to weight loss, they typically have tried the more traditional methods, i.e., severely reduced calorie diets and/or intense exercise regimens. When those fail – and many patients try them innumerable times – it makes sense to consult with a bariatric surgeon of the caliber of Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Feiz & Associates has become the medical center for weight loss surgery Los Angeles patients trust because of the outstanding record of its lead physician. Dr. Feiz is renowned for his ability to match the correct procedure to the patient. Laparoscopic bands, for example, are enjoying a resurgence of popularity and notoriety, and they are an excellent procedure. However, they may not be the ideal procedure for everyone.

Specifically, Dr. Feiz has been a leader in dealing with ghrelin, a previously little known hormone that appears to be involved with the signals that our brain receives telling us that it’s time to eat. It appears that ghrelin is the reason so many of us feel as if we are truly hungry, even though we know very well that we have consumed more than enough food. The question of how to decrease ghrelin is currently best answered with gastric sleeve surgery, which removes a very large portion of the stomach that includes the fundus, which is believed to be center of ghrelin production. In cases where band-based procedures appear to be ineffective, Dr. Feiz has been a leader in performing highly successful band to sleeve conversion surgeries.

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